Patients with a Purpose

Throughout this journey, I have been blessed to cross paths with so many amazing breast cancer patients who have dedicated their lives to making a difference in their own unique way. I have been continually impressed, inspired, and educated by these amazing individuals. If you have not seen it, please take a few moments to watch this incredibly impactful video: Holley Kitchen’s Video. Holley was the definition of a patient with a purpose, and has educated millions about metastatic breast cancer with her awareness campaign. Sadly, the breast cancer community lost this amazing woman in January 2016.

Meet other amazing patients with a purpose who have been featured on The Cancer Couch:

Beth Calabotta

Cathy Esposito

Caroline Johnson

Renee Chmiel

Maimah Karmo

Amanda Cokes

Dr. Corrie Painter

Susan Rahn

Dr. Nancy Rapport

Caryn Sullivan