Organic Beauty

For those of you who are interested in looking and feeling good and using non-toxic, natural products while you’re doing it, I am compiling a list of companies with whom I’ve had personal experience.  Since my cancer diagnosis, I have switched over all my household and cosmetic products to organic and all-natural. As the cosmetics industry has not been regulated in the US since 1938, and our skin is in fact the largest organ in our body – it seems important to be thoughtful about what we are putting in/on it everyday, and I assume my body has enough toxins to fight off as it is. There are known carcinogens in many beauty products and many of the large companies have refused to comply with these standards so buyer beware.

In the interest of not reinventing the wheel, fellow breast cancer club member Caryn Sullivan has a fantastic website called Pretty Wellness with easy to read tips, recipes, and guidance to live a healthier, less toxic life-style. You can also look up your own products and get educated on toxins by clicking on the EWG website. Fran Drescher also does a nice job educating people about this on her website Cancer Schmancer.

Here is great link to find out the exact companies who comply with safety standards compiled by  Safe Cosmetics!  That website is a great resource. Wellness Mama has all kinds of great suggestions, recipes and natural, home-made remedies and products.

I will continue to update with new products and companies as I hear about them…